Generally, frozen yogurt is considered the closest alternative to ice cream. It is often identified as a dessert because it has been kept in the freezer. However, ice cream and yogurts differ in a lot of ways. From their taste to the process of making them, they both serve different nutritional purposes.

In this blog, we will discuss several benefits that will guide you in choosing the best frozen yogurt in Tampa. Let’s dive in;

#1. Frozen Yogurts Contain Good Bacteria

You are probably thinking, “good bacteria?”

Well yes. Just like your regular yogurt, you can also find probiotics in frozen yogurts. Probiotics are identified as live bacteria that offer several health benefits to your body. However, these benefits depend on whether they survive through the manufacturing process. Frozen yogurts that were pasteurized after adding good bacteria do not contain probiotics. The best-frozen yogurts in Tampa have “live cultures” written on their label to signify that it contains probiotics.

#2. It Contains Low Lactose

Another benefit of frozen yogurt is that it contains lower levels of lactose. This will help minimize the risk of experiencing bloating, pain, and other digestive issues, especially in people that are lactose intolerant. The bacteria found in probiotics help to reduce the amount of lactose found in yogurts. People who experience lactose intolerance can take frozen yogurts without experiencing digestive problems.

#3. Frozen Yogurts Contain Nutrients Beneficial to the Bone

The most reasonable amount of nutrient that helps to improve bone health is found in frozen yogurts. However, these nutrients like calcium, fiber, and iron can also be found in regular yogurt.

#4. It Helps You Reduce Weight

Anyone on a journey to shed calories should consider taking frozen yogurts. However, you need to pay attention to the portion size and toppings because that can easily contribute to extra calories.

Difference between Frozen Yogurt and Regular Yogurt

To help you get the best-frozen yogurt in Tampa, you need to be able to differentiate one from an ordinary yogurt.

Generally, they are both healthy for your diet. However, frozen yogurts contain more sugar than regular yogurt.

In the process of manufacturing frozen yogurts, adding sugar before it gets frozen will prevent the formulation of large ice crystals. It will also ensure that your frozen yogurt retains its creamy, sweet and tangy taste.


Whether you want to buy frozen yogurt from a store or you want to make it yourself, look out for Froyo near me. This special dessert can either be used to complement ice cream, smoothies or drinks. Sometimes it can also be used as an ingredient in drinks like smoothies or desserts as a substitute for ice cream.