One of the reasons I love frozen yogurt is the number of ways I can enjoy it. My local vendor sells fresh froyo near me, so I don’t have to travel long distances. In this post, I will share with you five amazing ways to enjoy your frozen yogurt.

Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits give you an awesome avenue to pair your delicious frozen yogurt. You have a ton of options to explore. It is simple and healthy. Prepare your fruits, add a generous amount of low-fat froyo to your bowl, and start enjoying. The wide variety of tastes and textures you can create with fruit is staggering. Mix things up with berries, mangoes, bananas, and just about any fruit, you fancy to create a flavor explosion in your mouth.


Oh, waffles! Froyo with waffles makes for an unbeatable experience. Indulge yourself with waffles and froyo for a filling dessert. You can make your waffles from scratch or use a waffle mix.

You can buy waffle cones in Tampa at your local store. Preserve them in your fridge and whip them out when you want to take froyo. If you are an adventurous sweet tooth, you can take on the challenge of making homemade waffle cones and bowls.


It would be a culinary injustice if the cake was omitted from this list. Froyo + cake makes for a super decadent and satisfying meal. One traditional way of combining them involves using frozen yogurt as an extra layer of guilty goodness to your cake. Another way to relish froyo and cake is by making a cake parfait with yogurt and all your favorite toppings.

Crepes and pancakes

It is hard to convince us that crepes were not invented for froyo. You can slather your frozen yogurt on crepe or use it as a wrap. The beauty of this dish is that you can pair it with strawberries, bananas, syrups, cocoa nibs, and a lot more. The same thing goes for pancakes, generously serve a dollop of froyo on your pancake tower.


Chocolate lets you add more depth of flavor to your froyo. You can incorporate cocoa powder with your froyo or use chocolate syrup to make a hot fudge sundae. Yogurt and chocolate cookies work fantastically well together. You can dip your cookies in the yogurt make a froyo ice cream sandwich.