Smoothies are a delight to have. Most people prefer them when they are creatively made. Whether they are the regular ingredients you have always known or someone tweaked them, smoothies are always light menu regulars. If you are in Tampa and are wondering where the best Smoothies shop in Tampa is, you are about to hear some great news. Froyo Fresh is one of the best shops to buy smoothies, dole whips, and other yummy treats.

How to get froyo fresh best smoothies in Tampa

Froyo Fresh is a fast-growing company that is dedicated to satisfying people’s desires for ice cream and other yummy recipes in Tampa and other areas of Florida. If you want to patronize Froyo Fresh for the best smoothies in Tampa and other interesting offers, here is how to do it.

1. Visit our online shop

Froyo Fresh has an online shop where you can view what we have in store and the amazing offers we offer to people in Tampa and beyond. You can browse through our detailed menu, book our ice-cream truck here and also learn about the amazing gift cards and offers Froyo Fresh has when you visit our smoothies shop Tampa.

2. Visit our shop in Tampa

Froyo Fresh’s Smoothies shop Tampa is a great place to have delicious and healthy recipes. You’d enjoy our Interesting flavours like smoothie milkshakes, raspberry dole whip.

3. Contact us for your event

You can get Froyo smoothies at your events like company anniversary, teacher appreciation, birthday party or a car deal. When we are invited to such events, we enrich the menu with the best frozen yogurt and ice-creams in Tampa.

4. Patronise our mobile truck

Our mobile truck brings you the best dole whip in Tampa. Create a custom made Froyo whip with toppings like lychee, strawberry, etc. You get to combine the flavours according to your taste. Our mobile truck serves the best recipes and a wide range of flavour options.


Froyo Fresh has great places where you can get the best smoothies in Tampa. We also have a mobile truck to make your events more memorable and unique. We include amazing offers on our menu when we are hired for parties like birthdays.